The Assignment

A new mayor has been selected to the new settlement of Crystal Head and needs to be escorted in the morning to Whitmor to take office.

Rewards: 100gp/per

Mission Summary

  • They were suggested to attend a ceremony that night and introduce themselves to Wes Shardon, the new mayor.
  • They delivered supplies to a neighboring bar called “The Owl Bar”. While carrying the supplies, they heard the shouts of someone running away from members of the Red Knives, a group of thieves and general baddies.
  • The victim said they had been kidnapped. He was bound by the hands. The man claimed to be Wes Shardon, the new mayor of Crystal Head. They were able to secure him and take him to the Senate for safe keeping while they dealt with the Red Knives. One member of the gang died, two were arrested. The rest fled once backup guards arrived.
  • Once cleared, they finished taking the supplies to the Owl Bar and decided to stay there for the next hour or so since they had some time to kill and it was dinner time. Near the tail end of their meal, he barkeep asked them to take the supplies into the backroom. Obsidean, the warforged, handled it while the other two ate. There, he was approached by Lyle Goldfound, a leader of the Red Knives. Lyle said that they had made a mistake and he lost men today because of it. Said the person they saved was a shapeshifter, a fraud. Pointed them to where they could find the body of the real man and suggested they stop the process before it was too late.
  • They investigated, found the man, and confronted the imposter inside of Senate Hall.
  • It became a fight and they were able to not only take the guy down, but prove he was a fraud.

Agents Assigned To This Mission


Archie Shore Level 3
Order Domain Cleric

Species: Human

Origin: Settler

Background: Guild Artisan

Stationed In: Hovedstad

  • STR 14
  • DEX 8
  • CON 16
  • INT 8
  • WIS 16
  • CHA 12


Bulbus Footlong Level 3
Celestial Warlock

Species: Forest Gnome

Origin: Settler

Background: Guild Artisan (Cartographer)

Stationed In: Hovedstad

  • STR 10
  • DEX 13
  • CON 14
  • INT 15
  • WIS 8
  • CHA 15

Sir Vyper

Obsidian Level 3
Berserker Barbarian

Species: Warforged

Origin: Settler

Background: Soldier

Stationed In: Hovedstad

  • STR 16
  • DEX 13
  • CON 16
  • INT 12
  • WIS 8
  • CHA 10