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Hovedstad is Sinking, Part 1 – Agents of B.E.A.R.D. 011

Streamed on July 2nd, 2022

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The Assignment

A sinkhole has opened up inside the graveyard at the Churches Guild. Go down, see what’s there, and clear out any possible threats that now have access to the surface.

Reward: 50gp/per

Mission Summary

  • The party found two entrances, one at the old well, and one where the sinkhole occurred. Trill sent his familiar Ace down the well to explore. But, the party decided to drop down where the workers fell through.
  • They explored about 7 rooms. Found signs of a druidic (friends with nature) type faction.
  • There are mushrooms down there that shriek very loudly.
  • Ogres have seemingly made a home in what appears to be an old library. They were willing to trade books for food, but seemed aggressive and hostile with any attempt to enter into the library.
  • Pages from the book fell out and made up what appeared to be a map of the continent. One where trees filled the entirety of it.
  • The party decided to leave to take what they found thus far to the Records Guild as well as coordinate guards to surround the sinkhole and well so that nothing would come out. They plan to re-enter within 2 hours.

Agents Assigned To This Mission


Clover Starheart Level 4
Watchers Paladin

Species: Firbolg

Origin: Native

Background: Outlander

Stationed In: Hovedstad

  • STR 15
  • DEX 10
  • CON 13
  • INT 10
  • WIS 14
  • CHA 16


Norben Vanteris Level 4
Gloom Stalker Ranger

Species: Half-Elf

Origin: Settler

Background: Archaeologist

Stationed In: Hovedstad

  • STR 9
  • DEX 18
  • CON 12
  • INT 12
  • WIS 18
  • CHA 8


Trill Level 4
Divination Wizard

Species: Tortle

Origin: Settler

Background: Hermit

Stationed In: Hovedstad

  • STR 8
  • DEX 12
  • CON 14
  • INT 20
  • WIS 14
  • CHA 10