The small fishing village has reported dead fish near the shore. Also sightings of bones of both animals and humanoids rising up from the ground. This needs to be investigated and verified.

Reward: 25gp/piece to investigate. Will be given 2 days of rations and a health potion.

Mission Summary

  • Party took a ship to Black Gate and had breakfast at the tavern. They talked with two sailors and the barmaid, and learned about the happenings: bones seemingly rising out of the ground in the woods. Dead fish all around once you get inland. Dark shadows walking through the woods at night.
  • They traveled into the woods and found a pair of decayed bodies. Seemed to be past adventurers. One was carrying a pack. Inside was an black stone idol carved to look like a seated dragon/humanoid in a robe. Wisp spoke with a turtle that was sunning itself on a log. It did not know where the bones came from. Khalgrim and Vels realized that the idol was pulsing a faint red light as well as vibrating, growing stronger as they walked further into the woods.
  • The party was ambushed by skeletons. Afterwards, they found a hidden trap door in the swamp floor. It lead them down into an old temple.
  • Inside: A pedestal that held 5 other idols of similar markings, but in different positions: one reading a scroll, two bowing, one standing guard, and the last was shackled. They placed their idol down on the pedestal and the wall moved away that lead to another room with a chest of items.
  • Chamber was Elven, but had items related to dragons and dwarves. Either a basement of a long gone structure, or it was hidden on purpose.
  • On the road back, all the bones they had seen were gone.

Agents Assigned To This Mission

The Gamer Hobbit

Khalgrim Level 5
Rune Knight Fighter

Species: Hill Dwarf

Origin: Settler

Background: Outlander

Stationed In: Whitmor

  • STR 14
  • DEX 15
  • CON 11
  • INT 11
  • WIS 14
  • CHA 12


Vels Kell Level 5
GOO Warlock, Aberrant Mind Sorcerer

Species: Crystal Gem Dragonborn

Origin: Native

Background: Far Traveler

Stationed In: Whitmor

  • STR 10
  • DEX 12
  • CON 14
  • INT 12
  • WIS 14
  • CHA 18


Wisp Ithruen Level 5
Dreams Druid

Species: Wood Elf

Origin: Native

Background: Hermit

Stationed In: Whitmor

  • STR 10
  • DEX 15
  • CON 14
  • INT 12
  • WIS 19
  • CHA 8