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“In The Halls of Giants” – Agents of B.E.A.R.D. 042

Streamed on July 9th, 2023

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The Assignment

After meeting with Jabble Webner in Firbolg territory, Wisp, Vels, Khaligrim, and Clover venture into the woods to recover 3 lost young ones. Once they found them, they also uncovered a hidden temple dedicated to the Giants that once ruled this land. After entering in, it’s time to complete this dungeon and uncover the truth about what happened.

Mission Summary

  • Outside the temple, Vels continues to watch over the Firbolg that is tied up to the central rune stone block. He observed that she’s got a dagger on her. He tries to obtain it from her, but she wrestles it away and continues to persue her ritual – now louder. Also notices that she seems to be floating, which would explain why she’s tied.
  • Inside, Wisp continues to be overcome by the spores, coughing. The party splits with Khalgrim checking in on Wisp, while Clover goes and gets Vels.
  • The party tries to figure out who is “Flaegr”, a name they found in one of the books. They ask the skeletons, who point Wisp to the North, and to the West when she asks about the other companion’s name.
  • Back outside, Clover connects that she is floating and covered in slime. So, it must be a connection between the two. She wrestled the dagger away.
  • While continuing to explore, the party found the name of the other dog from the mural. They recollect the party. While calling out the names of the dogs in front of the chained door, they stand at attention, but do not appear to be defensive against them.
  • They enter into the room and inside a ghostly figure rises from a sarcophagus, and questions Clover why she has aligned with “these three”. Now that they have opened up the temple there isn’t much time. He sends them to the icy prison where an ancient artifact was taken by the dragonborn a long time ago. He gives Clover a medallion which will aid in her quest to find it and tells her to take the Halberd from the statue room.
  • They meet back up outside and Jabbel has arrived. Wisp told him EVERYTHING. They decide there are two main next steps: investigate the slime AND head to the north. For now, they’ll head East after the slime.

Agents Assigned To This Mission


Clover Starheart Level 4
Watchers Paladin

Species: Firbolg

Origin: Native

Background: Outlander

Stationed In: Hovedstad

  • STR 15
  • DEX 10
  • CON 13
  • INT 10
  • WIS 14
  • CHA 16

The Gamer Hobbit

Khalgrim Level 5
Rune Knight Fighter

Species: Hill Dwarf

Origin: Settler

Background: Outlander

Stationed In: Whitmor

  • STR 14
  • DEX 15
  • CON 11
  • INT 11
  • WIS 14
  • CHA 12


Vels Kell Level 5
GOO Warlock, Aberrant Mind Sorcerer

Species: Crystal Gem Dragonborn

Origin: Native

Background: Far Traveler

Stationed In: Whitmor

  • STR 10
  • DEX 12
  • CON 14
  • INT 12
  • WIS 14
  • CHA 18


Wisp Ithruen Level 5
Dreams Druid

Species: Wood Elf

Origin: Native

Background: Hermit

Stationed In: Whitmor

  • STR 10
  • DEX 15
  • CON 14
  • INT 12
  • WIS 19
  • CHA 8