The Assignment

Investigate the recent sighting of a shooting star and make sure another Jagged Grove doesn’t occur.

Reward: 150gp/per person

Mission Summary

  • Party met with Luft Crofter who had a vision of where the meteor had landed and what came out of it. He also mentioned that they would meet a group of people who were friendly, but not everything was as it seemed. He requested a piece of the rock to study.
  • They traveled through Copper Crossing, hearing rumors of a group of hunters that were looking for bear on their route.
  • In the forest, they found tracks of a very large bear, as well as a group of humanoids shortly after.
  • The tracks lead to 3 hunters who had found the bear already dead. It didn’t have any open wounds. Only Blood coming from the eyes and nose. Possible bludgeoning damage, but seemed most of it’s injuries were internal or hidden. Likely another damage type. The bear was legendary in size. Whatever took out this was either really powerful (maybe magical) or larger than it. So, the hunters weren’t interested in pursuing it.
  • They party continued into the woods and followed pieces of meteorite until they reached the impact site. A massive, red-skinned creature protected it, much like in the vision. The party attacked, but wasn’t able to overcome to creature. Zillis went down once. Norben was grappled by it. Zillis and Khalgrim stumbled on 3 bodies: they were of the hunters they met 2 hours ago. Dead for a day at least.
  • Instead of destroying Norben, it was revealed that this Norben was actually another shifter.
  • The party retreated leaving the big bad and reported back to the guild what they found.

Agents Assigned To This Mission

The Gamer Hobbit

Khalgrim Level 5
Rune Knight Fighter

Species: Hill Dwarf

Origin: Settler

Background: Outlander

Stationed In: Whitmor

  • STR 14
  • DEX 15
  • CON 11
  • INT 11
  • WIS 14
  • CHA 12


Norben Vanteris Level 4
Gloom Stalker Ranger

Species: Half-Elf

Origin: Settler

Background: Archaeologist

Stationed In: Hovedstad

  • STR 9
  • DEX 18
  • CON 12
  • INT 12
  • WIS 18
  • CHA 8


Vels Kell Level 5
GOO Warlock, Aberrant Mind Sorcerer

Species: Crystal Gem Dragonborn

Origin: Native

Background: Far Traveler

Stationed In: Whitmor

  • STR 10
  • DEX 12
  • CON 14
  • INT 12
  • WIS 14
  • CHA 18


Zilis Savulath Level 5
Arcane Trickster Rogue

Species: Triton

Origin: Native

Background: Entertainer

Stationed In: Sydund

  • STR 10
  • DEX 15
  • CON 12
  • INT 14
  • WIS 12
  • CHA 15