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Search For The Fortunate Son, Part 1 – Agents of B.E.A.R.D. 013

Streamed on July 23rd, 2022

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The Assignment

Travel back to Storm Island with the crew from the Dawn Chaser, find the missing crew and supplies, and head back to Sydund.

Reward: 100gp/per

Mission Summary

  • The party wrapped up their downtime for the rest of the day they had left. Shinichi met up with Gerald, the halfling, to get his portrait painted, Moira slept in, DRACO helped the gatehouse repairs and visited Bertram, the potions merchant, and Svamp picked up some ash for her mushrooms from the undead bodies that were being burned outside the walls.
  • They then set off onto the Golden Sea to investigate the Fortunate Son shipwreck. Once they got there, they found that a group of Gnolls had already boarded the wrecked ship and were carrying bags of supplies. It also sounded like there potentially were undead locked up below deck.

Agents Assigned To This Mission


DRACO Level 4
Armorer Artificer

Species: Warforged

Origin: Settler

Background: Inheritor

Stationed In: Sydund

  • STR 14
  • DEX 12
  • CON 14
  • INT 16
  • WIS 8
  • CHA 10


Moira Level 5
Storm Sorcerer

Species: Half-Elf

Origin: Settler

Background: Urban Bounty Hunter

Stationed In: Sydund

  • STR 8
  • DEX 10
  • CON 13
  • INT 12
  • WIS 15
  • CHA 14


Shinichi Level 5
Glamour Bard

Species: Half-Elf

Origin: Settler

Background: Entertainer

Stationed In: Sydund

  • STR 10
  • DEX 14
  • CON 12
  • INT 13
  • WIS 9
  • CHA 16


Svamp Plochsvepier Level 5
Spores Druid

Species: Firbolg

Origin: Native

Background: Outlander

Stationed In: Sydund

  • STR 13
  • DEX 8
  • CON 15
  • INT 11
  • WIS 15
  • CHA 12