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Mayoral Escort, Part 4 – Agents of B.E.A.R.D. 019

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The Assignment

Escort the NEW new mayor of Crystal Head, Gardain Strongheart from Hovedstad to his new home south of Whitmor. Keep an eye out for Red Knives and Shifters.

Reward: 500gp/per

Mission Summary

  • The party left Golden Grove and drove out to Hillview Stop. On the way, they talked with every member of the caravan in hopes to learn more about them and figure out their intentions.
  • At Hillview Stop, they stayed the night at the only place to sleep there. They continued to strategize about how to approach their mission of figuring out who are members of the Red Knives and if there are any shifters.
  • They also learn that Pumpkintown will be having a festival in the coming days to celebrate the harvest, which will have some kind of frog-themed circus, at least according to the vague poster.
  • In the morning, they drove out to Pumpkintown. It’s another small hamlet, but has an interesting ruin in the center of town that appears to be an old teleportation circle.
  • They also ran into some kids (or vice versa) – one dropped a doll which spoke “It is Coming” when it was squeezed.

Agents Assigned To This Mission